Thank you for choosing us to help you Live Well. Sleep Well.® With our Financial Dashboard technology, managing your financial life just got easier. Better organized. Accessible. Up-to-date. Adaptable to your changing needs and emerging priorities. For our clients, their personal Financial Dashboard delivers an easy to use system to track and manage their balance sheet, investments and documents in one convenient and secure location.

Please follow the instructions below to access and begin connecting accounts to your personal Financial Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Financial Dashboard with the information provided by your Advisor.

  2. In the Tour Guide box, watch the video “Get Started”.

  3. Click “Organizer” in the top menu and connect any financial accounts where you have online access. (Bank accounts, 401(k), credit cards, etc.)

  4. Proceed completing the remaining Organizer tabs to the best of your ability.

  5. Click “Vault” in the top menu and watch the video “Why the Vault.” Click “Upload files” to store important documents in the vault. Click here for a sample list of important documents.

  6. You are done. Your Advisor will be in touch with the next steps.

This website is non-transactional. Money cannot be moved in or out. Some connected institutions will require you to enter additional “security questions” the first few days after connecting accounts. If you have any questions or problems connecting accounts please email:

  • Click here for a Video Tour
  • Safety and Security are key components to your Financial Dashboard. Click here for a video: Safe and Secure
  • You have the ability to access your Financial Dashboard on the go. For more information, view these instructions: Go MobileLive Well. Sleep Well


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