From the newlywed to the executive; we all have questions and concerns about finances. Regardless of your level of wealth, our experience has shown many share the same concerns.

Customized Business Strategies In IN | Harbour Wealth Partners


  • How do I keep track of all these different accounts?
  • How do I coordinate advice from my CPA, attorney and banker?
  • Budget? What’s that?

We’ll provide you with your own personal Financial Dashboard (click for Video). There you can see everything you own – all in one place; a private and secure location where your data is consolidated into one clear picture – of YOU.  We’ll work closely with your CPA, attorney and other trusted advisors to gather information to complete the picture and provide a comprehensive snapshot of your assets.

Fear of Unknown & Market Stress

  • How do I prevent running out of money during retirement?
  • What would happen to my family if I passed away?
  • How will economic/tax changes affect me?
  • How do I grow my money without taking on too much risk?
  • Do I own the right investments?

We’ll show you what confident investing looks like. It’s about advancing toward your own finish line – the one you’ve defined – with energy to spare for the things you really want to be doing. It’s about deliberate action in place of sudden moves. It’s about participating in market returns, not chasing them. It shifts your mindset from getting rich to living a rich life.

Customized Business Strategies In IN | Harbour Wealth Partners
Business Ownership | Harbour Wealth Partners

Business Ownership

  • Am I running my business or is the business running me?
  • How do I attract/retain future leaders of my business?
  • Are my personal finances too dependent on my business’ financial statement?

Smart choices can make the difference. Based on our knowledge and experience, we’ll offer recommendations to assist entrepreneurs and business owners so they can focus on opportunities, pursue their dreams, and continue the passion for what they do.

Estate Planning Concerns

  • What type of estate planning documents/trusts do I need?
  • What role do trusts play to protect my children?
  • How do I remember charities in my will?

We can offer ideas on how to use your resources to potentially benefit your loved ones and will work closely with your CPA and Attorney to develop a comprehensive estate planning picture.  We have innovative planning tools that can visualize potential future outcomes for different kinds of financial scenarios and how to use your wealth to empower your legacy.

Estate Planning Concerns | Harbour Wealth Partners