Fee Philosophy

We believe anyone should be able to receive quality financial advice and service at a transparent and reasonable cost. Our clients have the flexibility to compensate us in a way that makes the most sense for them.

Prior to engaging us we make sure you understand how we get paid as each situation is different.

Why we aren’t “fee only”…

We tailor our services and resulting compensation to your needs rather than tailoring your needs to our compensation structure. If financial products are appropriate for your situation, we act as an agent/broker to purchase those products on your behalf. If your situation requires comprehensive financial planning, we charge a project fee. Or we charge an asset-based fee for active investment management. We feel our advice is objective and will be addressed with full disclosure in advance.


    Investment Management Services

  • Advisory/Managed Accounts:

    • Percentage of Assets

    Assets held in brokerage accounts:

    • Commission at purchase (no on-going fee)

    Financial Planning Services*

  • Hourly Rates


    Insurance/ Brokered Products

  • Commissions


    Financial Dashboard Access*

  • Annual Fee

We would be happy to meet with you and discuss the most appropriate engagement that will manage your goals and your budget.

*Discounts available. Ask for more details.